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World’s Best bitumen producers in last 5 years

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How many types of bitumens are there on the market?How are bitumens produce?Which countries have best bitumen export?Best places to buy bitumens cheap fromWhat are the different uses of bitumens?Differences in bitumen productionDifference in Bitumen GradesBest selling grades of bitumens on global marketWho are the biggest importers of bitumens?What is the bitumen paint?Can bitumen paint be painted over?What is the use of bitumen paint?Best bitumen paint brands on global marketHow to use bitumen paint?Where To Buy The Best Bitumen?

Knowing World’s Best bitumen producers in last 5 years helps customers get the best out of these products. For this purpose, we can gain more insight into the market and provide the best examples available. The following article can give you some good insights into this topic. bitumen paint is one of the best examples of these products.

How many types of bitumens are there on the market?

The variety of bitumen models on the market is enormous. This variety can also be very important for bitumen selection and consumption. You need to have a good understanding of these products. In terms of bitumen penetration in the world market, the most famous ones are the best-selling bitumen.

  • bitumen 40/50
  • bitumen 60/70
  • bitumen 85/100
  • bitumen pg
  • bitumen paint

These are well-known examples of bitumen manufactured in the world market and their sales account for a large volume of global exports. Bitumen is one of those examples. Colors that provide a very special character in the coloring section for consumers. These products have several models. They can be sold in special packaging for export markets. Bitumen paint for exterior walls , used mostly for exterior walls, it prevents moisture and water from penetrating the work surface. This has caused the product to be used as a dye bitumen and as an insulator in moisture sensitive areas.

For a better understanding of this product we can take a look at the bitumen production method.

bitumen primer

How are bitumens produce?

The bitumen production process is very simple. But knowing these steps will help customers understand the best way to produce the best bitumen in the market. The following steps can be mentioned in the bitumen production methods:

  1. Extraction of Crude Oil from the Ground
  2. Transportation and import of crude oil to refineries
  3. Processing of crude oil and extraction of oil derivatives
  4. Production of bitumen raw material
  5. Raw material entering the baking towers
  6. Extracted bitumen produced
  7. Bitumen packaging (jumbo bag and barrel)

These 2 steps provide the best bitumen sample for customers. In some cases, the quality of bitumen produced can be reduced by reducing these steps. For this purpose, all these steps must be carefully and properly monitored and the best bitumen produced. In this regard, new products such as bitumen paint colours can also be produced and exported to the export market by increasing other specific stages.

bitumen adhesive

Which countries have best bitumen export?

This is a question for many customers. Which countries have the best bitumen exports and the best bitumen for export in the export markets? The answer to this question can be a very specific advice and advice for bitumen buyers. Here are the countries that have the largest volume of bitumen production in the world and have been able to easily supply customers worldwide:

  • Bitumen of Iran
  • Russian bitumen
  • American Bitumen
  • Iraqi bitumen
  • Bitumen UAE
  • China bitumen

But at the top of these countries, Iran is one of the largest producers of refined bitumen in large volume. For this purpose, Iran’s bitumen exports to many countries are consumed on a monthly basis in bulk tonnages. Bostik bitumen paint is also an example of products that are exported in large volumes.

bituminous paint for aluminum

Best places to buy bitumens cheap from

One of the most important features in the export bitumen industry is the price of bitumen. Many customers and buyers of bitumen are looking to buy bitumen at cheap prices. This can have a huge impact on their final profit. That’s why buying bitumen at a very cheap price is one of the needs of our customers. The companies that can provide the cheapest bitumen are the Sinarad bitumen company. The company has also been active in the production of various types of black jack bitumen paints. With over 8 bitumen refineries and international offices, the company has been able to support customers in bitumen supply.

bitumen paint price

What are the different uses of bitumens?

This question allows customers to identify a wide variety of bitumen in the market. Differences in grade and type of bitumen production and packaging can make a lot of difference for buyers.

Differences in bitumen production

Bitumens in the world market are classified according to the type of raw materials consumed in their production:

  • Poor quality bitumen
  • Medium quality bitumen
  • High quality bitumen

This category also makes a lot of difference when it comes to bitumen prices.

can you paint over bitumen paint

Difference in Bitumen Grades

Different bitumen pickups have different uses in each production project. This difference also contributes to the diversity of bitumen consumption.

  • bitumen 60/70
  • bitumen 40/50
  • bitumen 85/100
  • bitumen 50/70
  • bitumen 80/100
  • bitumen 100/120
  • bitumen VG 10
  • Bitumen VG 20
  • bitumen VG 30
  • bitumen VG 40

The use of bitumen in road projects, the use of bitumen for road asphalt coating, the use of bitumen in insulating surfaces, the production of bitumen, all of which are the most varied parts of the world for the purchase and consumption of bitumen. Even at the point of purchase, it can be noted that the bitumen quality of bitumen paint drying time is also affected.

black jack bitumen paint

Best selling grades of bitumens on global market

The most famous and best-selling bitumen grades in the world have no specific names. These products are known as their production grids. Many bitumen suppliers and many bitumen traders use these names to introduce their bitumen and market it. The following are the most important ones:

  • bitumen 40/50
  • bitumen 60/70
  • bitumen 85/100
  • emulsion bitumen
  • MC bitumen

The worldwide popularity of these bitumen in the market has led to the name and analysis of these bitumen products being the main segment for buying and selling these products.

bitumen exporters

Who are the biggest importers of bitumens?

A large number of bitumen consumer countries around the world have imported this product. Understanding and communicating with these countries can provide the best feedback on the bitumen export market:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Iraq
  • Georgia
  • Turkey
  • the UK
  • America
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Uganda
  • Ghana
  • Bali
  • Philippines
  • China
  • South Korea
  • North Korea
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • Myanmar

And many other countries that are very poor in quality bitumen buy the best bitumen from importing countries and import it.

bitumen suppliers

What is the bitumen paint?

This product and its related products are specific bitumen products in the industry. The most special and best-selling examples are:

  • bitumen spray
  • bitumen adhesive
  • bitumen primer

In addition to the coloring power, the insulating power of these products is very important. For this purpose, this product is used in many paint industries that are associated with water and moisture.

price of bitumen 60 70 in india

Can bitumen paint be painted over?

It is possible to repaint this product in a certain way. Before that, however, one must be sure of the quality of paint needed and the bitumen consumed. This can be done in consultation with some of the largest bitumen producers and retailers on the world market. The same question can be asked about whether you can paint over bitumen paint. The answer can be said if the conditions are good for coloring.

jey oil bitumen 60 70 price

What is the use of bitumen paint?

The use of this specimen is more common in pools and ships. The colored part gives a beautiful appearance to the environment and the bitumen insulation part makes the surface very waterproof in terms of moisture penetration. It also makes it impossible to pass many destructive factors such as oxygen.

bitumen refinery in iran

Best bitumen paint brands on global market

If you are also a customer of bitumen in the global market, it is best to know the major brands of this product. This knowledge will be of great help to customers when purchasing bitumen. The following services should be used for this purpose:

  • Bitumen Sinarad Company
  • Emirates bitumen company
  • ARAD Bitumen Company
  • Bitumen company Sinabco

These brands are the most prestigious brands of production and supply of the best bitumen and bitumen in the world market. Most of these companies can be bought at the cheapest prices. bitumen paint price will have the best of these companies.

world bitumen prices

How to use bitumen paint?

It is enough that you buy a quality bitumen. It’s very easy to use. This can be done simply by simple devices and beginner brushes. In this regard, the best models of the day can be found at the best prices available at special prices.
bitumen dealer in iran

Where To Buy The Best Bitumen?

Sinarad Bitumen Company is one of the largest companies providing its name to customers at the time of production and export of bitumen. Along with this name you can find the best bitumen samples from this company at very cheap prices. In this regard, it is enough to contact the export department of this company and buy the best examples of this product.


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